Our studio curriculum is as follows:
Please choose the most suitable courses for you.
We can also offer customized lessons upon request.

The amounts shown below are all tax excluded.

Ticket Course
Ticket Course is recommended for those with dancing experiences.

Personalized Lessons Tailor Made Just for You
All Dances at All Levels

Please make appointments with your instructor.
 Enrollment FeeFXCOOO
iT,OOO for people who saw this HP
@@@@@@@@@@@@@or with referrel )

 QT minutes per 1 Lesson
Lesson Ticket Price iValid for 3 monthsj 
 WCOOO /@PO Tickets
 QQCOOO /@RO Tickets
 RTCOOO /@TO Tickets
 UVCOOO /POO Tickets
Number of tickets for one lesson
depends on the instructor.

Private lessons have priority between PQFOO andPVFOO.
Please enter and leave the studio
15 minutes before and after the lesson.

Couples are requested to refrain from practicing
during the Private Lesson Hours.

Trial Course

Why not try an introductory trial course
before enrolling

If you are a beginner,
to see what dancing is like

If you have dancing experience,
to find the right instructor for you

 Enrollment FeeF Free
 Lesson FeeF T,OOO (QT mins.)
One trial lesson is available
with each instructor

Beginner Course

Recommended for Absolute Beginners
Total PO Lessons
Selected Dances Only

One-on-One Lessons
Accommodate Your Needs

Please make appointments with your instructor
Enrollment FeeF TCOOO
FeeF R,OOOiQT mins/Lessonj
Selected Styles of Dance
iLimited as followsj
Slow Rhythm Dance
Square Rumba

Beginner Course will finish after 10 lessons.

Please move on to the Ticket Course
after completion.

(No Enrollment Fee is Required)
Group Lessons

Group Lesson are currently available
on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday
at Amano Dance Academy

Enrollment FeeF R,OOO
Lesson FeeF
@Beginner & Intermediate: P,TOOi1 Lessonj
 @@@@Advanced:@@@@@Q,OOOi1 Lessonj
Monthly Payments Required

LocationF Amano Dance Academy

Wedding Course

For Your Special Day

Totally Customized Choreography
With Your Choice of Music

Lessons can be taken individually or as a couple.

 Enrollment FeeF T,OOO per person
 Lesson FeeF R,OOOiQT mins eachj
Learn your own steps individually first,
Then dance together with your partner.

Competitor Course
Please contact us.