On Site Lessons in Nippori
` Short lessons to solve small problems and questions `
` Practice immediately after the lessons `
` Single (one-to-one) lessons available `
(The instructor will dance with you.)
 On-site lessons are now available
at "First Place Tokyo,"
the ballroom dance practice hall in Nippori.

First Place Tokyo
1 minutes walk from "Nippori" Station
Second basement of the Hotel Lungwood

Lessons on
Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday

High quality and courteous lessons
Yoshi Matsushita,
a veteran staff, of
Amano Dance Academy.

Available for everyone
who enters First Place Tokyo.

There occurred any problems or questions while practicing?
Immediate solution by a short and targeted lesson.
JPY 3,000 for a 20 minutes lesson

Want to practice immediately after lessons?
You will not move to a practice hall. You are already there!

Need knowledgeable, experienced , and reliable instructor?
High quality lessons by an Amano Dance Academy veteran staff.

Want to see if the instructor will go well with you?
Want to find an answer to a little question?

Lessons are available by 20 minutes.
@@Clear and targeted short lessons.

This is an official instructor program
by First Place Tokyo.

Please come and try!